Babywearing: SSCs - Ergo Performance

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I had been very interested in getting a mesh carrier for summer and happened to stumble upon an Ergo Performance on clearance at a local baby store. I bought it and it was love at first wear! I have been using this carrier every day since I got it and it's my favorite for summer weather.


The Ergo Performance is made with a sporty material and a breathable mesh panel. I find the waistband to be the most comfortable of all my carriers. It molds well to my waist and I think this is due to the material. It's very easy to adjust and I can easily put it on in a front or back carry. I like that it has a higher panel than the Ergo Original and feel better about the babies sleeping in a back carry in this because their heads do not fall back. It is definitely cooler to wear in hot weather than my canvas SSCs. The babies don't get as sweaty and neither do I.

As much as I love this carrier, I do miss my giant Ergo Original pocket! There are other Ergo Performance models that have the pocket but alas, not the one I found on sale.

Cost: $$$ ($140 new but I snagged my on clearance for $52!)

Pros: super comfortable and supportive, hood is great for sun/naps, mesh is cooler than canvas

Cons: harder to nurse in than other carriers, the mesh on the shoulder straps rubs my arms if I don't have it positioned just right, pricey

Verdict: my favorite carrier at the moment! 

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