Babywearing: SSCs - Ergo Original

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I am a huge fan of SSCs or Soft Structured Carriers. SSCs are also called buckle carriers. I find ours to be very supportive and I can wear them much longer than other carriers now that the babies are getting hefty. They are pretty easy to use since they have buckles and don't need to be tied. SSCs are the type of carrier I most often see when out and about. There are tons of different brands and variations but I'm going to talk about the ones we have and use since that's what I know! First up is the Original Ergo baby carrier

ergoben.jpgWe have two original Ergos which we registered for before getting really into babywearing. I'm happy with our Ergos but in retrospect, I would have gone with one Ergo and tried out another brand as well.

This is Ben's go-to carrier and he has used it from the beginning with the infant insert. The insert is necessary in the first few months for proper fit (you can see more about the insert on the Ergobaby website). It really didn't become comfortable for me to wear until the babies were about 6 months old and really fit well in it. Now I love my Ergo and wear it often for longer walks, back carries, and tandem wearing. Once the babies were sitting up independently, I was able to start carrying them on my back, which I love.

ergoback2.jpgI especially love that the orignal Ergo has a front pocket. None of my other carriers have a large pocket. I keep a burp cloth, teething toys, and a lip balm in there. Ben uses it to hold his keys and wallet. It also has hood to cover up baby's head which is really helpful for sun protection and sleeping, although I have a little trouble snapping it onto my shoulders.

The Ergo is great for all kinds of activities. I wear it on walks and to run errands as well as around the house. Ben and I both wore our Ergos all around Disney World and I used it a ton on our last trip to Florida as well. My brother even got in on the babywearing action at Disney! IMG_20160220_105819.jpg

Cost: $$$ ($120 new)

Pros: comfortable and supportive, hood is great for sun/naps, pocket is huge

Cons: harder to nurse in than other carriers, hood can be tough to snap and does not come off, back panel is not as high as other SSCs

Verdict: a solid choice for a SSC


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