Babywearing: Boba Wrap

The second carrier I'm sharing from my Babywearing stash is the Boba wrap.

The Boba wrap is a stretchy wrap. I find it to be pretty heavy, thick fabric. Since our babies were born in July, I did not use it much until they were a few months old and the weather cooled off. I don't think I could have worn it out of the house with them without overheating. Because it's stretchy, it's quite snuggly but I found it would stretch out after wearing for awhile and the baby would be sagging lower than they should be (remember, close enough to kiss!).boba.jpgFor a newbie wrapper, I found the Boba easier to use off the bat than the Solly because it didn't have to be as precise due to the stretchiness. If I helped someone else wear one of the babies when they were tiny, I always set them up in the Boba.

I know a lot of people use stretchy wraps like the Boba or Moby for tandem wearing newborns. I'm a small person and never seemed to have enough space to fit both of the babies comfortably, although you can see above that I rocked wearing their stuffed animals when I was pregnant!

Cost: $ (about $40)

Pros: Easier to use than other wraps, potential for tandem wearing, comfortable

Cons: too hot for warm weather, bulky, stretches out

Verdict: I would probably not buy this wrap again. I would get a Solly Wrap instead.


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