5 Finger Plays for Toddlers

Finger plays are rhymes or songs that have hand movements that go along with them. I knew the Itsy Bitsy Spider song and hand movements but what I didn't realize was that there are tons of finger plays out there. They are so much fun and my babies LOVE them!

Living Arrows -> 9/52

Here is week 9 of Living Arrows.

Healthy Habits: Establishing Toddler Dental Routines

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Although I’m WAY behind on my latest dentist visit, I know how important it is to take care of your teeth. I was pretty much devastated when I got my first tiny cavity at 27! I wanted to start early with the babies’ tooth care routine so it would be just that – routine. 

5 Bookish Instagram Accounts to Follow

After leaving the library world to stay home, one of the things I missed was talking about books with other book lovers. I used to know all the latest and greatest books because it was my job. I had other librarians to talk to, professional journals to read through, and time in the day to research great books.

While being home, I've turned to other places to find book recommendations and talk about books. It turns out there are A LOT of other book lovers on Instagram and it is a wonderful place to learn about new books, read reviews, and talk about books. I get so many ideas for what to read with the babies! Here are five of my favorite picture book loving Instagrammers to follow:

Living Arrows -> 8/52

Here is week 8 of Living Arrows.

Crafty Mama: Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin

After visiting a local children's museum and watching the babies play with all kinds of sensory exhibits, I wanted to start making the babies a few sensory bins of our own. I decided to start with rainbow rice because it seemed fun and Baby A has been especially interested in pouring things from one cup to another, which would be a perfect thing to do with rice.

Wordless Wednesday: Tutus and Wagons

Living Arrows -> 7/52

Here is week 7 of Living Arrows.

Crafty Mama: Contact Paper Window Hearts

We have been crafting up a storm the past few weeks! This time we made contact paper hearts to stick on the windows in our playroom. 

BMB: Toddler Yoga

We had the opportunity to take Toddler Yoga at my favorite yoga studio, Coolidge Corner Yoga. Head over to Boston Moms Blog to check out what what we did and how toddler yoga can help your little one!

Crafty Mama: Easy Toddler Sticker Valentines

The babies are finally interested in *some* arts and crafts projects so I have been taking full advantage of Valentine's Day coming up to do arts and crafts with them. The first project we did was sticker Valentines.

Wordless Wednesday: Oops!

What We're Reading: Have You Seen My Dragon?

A book we have been reading on repeat this week is Have You Seen My Dragon? by Steve Light.

Living Arrows -> 6/52

Here is week 6 of Living Arrows.

Stepping Up My Winter Wardrobe With JORD Wooden Watches

10 Beauty Products for the Semi-Crunchy Mama

A few years ago, I started becoming increasingly "crunchy". I wouldn't say I'm full on crunchy but more of a semi-crunchy mama. Part of this crunchy transformation included moving toward using more natural beauty products for myself. The closer we got to thinking about having a baby, the more I realized I didn't want so many chemicals in my body. So I started on what has been a few years of the trial and error of finding my semi-crunchy mama beauty products. I'm sure I will continue to try new products and find new favorites but for now, here are my top 10 semi-crunchy mama beauty products that have little to no chemicals but still work amazingly well! 

Boston Moms Blog: Prenatal Yoga In and Around Boston

Boston mamas - check out my latest post on Boston Moms Blog. Find out where you can take prenatal yoga!

Wordless Wednesday: Red

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