WWRM: The Very Lonely Firefly

This week, we are reading The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle.
A very lonely firefly is trying to find other fireflies so he flashes his light. He comes upon a lot of different lights in his search for other fireflies- a lantern, a flashlight, a light bulb, and more. After a long night of searching, he eventually finds where he belongs. The book we have has flashing firefly lights at the end, which the babies love!
One of the things I love about this books is that if you read closely, you'll notice there is a second storyline told through the pictures and speech bubbles. Of course, the babies don't notice this yet but they will some day! I also love the vocabulary Eric Carle uses. Each light source shines with a different synonym for light - glowing, flickering, etc. and there is opportunity to talk about different types of light.  I always love Eric Carle's illustrations and this book is no exception - just beautiful!
Baby A is especially obsessed with this book right now! She seeks it out when she's in their room and I keep finding her reading it. So cute. They both love the flashing lights and the pages are thick like cardstock so while it's not a board book, the pages are eay to turn and don't rip.

Boston Moms Blog: Why I Love to Wear All the Babies

I'm over on Boston Moms Blog today talking about wearing all the babies!

Traveling with 9 Month Old Twins: Vacationing

As I mentioned, we recently returned home from a wonderful trip to Florida. Here's a little recap of our trip, along with a few things we learned about vacationing with twins!

WWRM: Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

This week, we are reading Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker. The illustrator is Tom Lichtenheld, whose other books I love (like Duck! Rabbit! and E-Mergency). Both babies really like this book and I enjoy Lichtenheld's beautiful illustrations as well as the rhyming text and storyline. 
In Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site, the construction site is closing down after a very busy building day. The sun is setting and each vehicle does one last part of their job and settles in for the night. As you say goodnight to each vehicle, look for the little bedtime details including a nightlight, a blanket, and a lovey. My favorite is the crane truck and his nightlight. I also love that you say "shh...goodnight {construction truck}, goodnight" at the end of each truck's page. I think it winds down for bed so well. 
As a mom to two curious little people, I feel like I need to start brushing up on my construction vehicles so I can teach the the proper names and what each vehicle does and this book is helpful for that! 
This is a great bedtime book or book for any construction truck lovers out there!

Traveling with 9 Month Old Twins: Flying

We recently returned home from a wonderful trip to Florida! On this trip, I flew down with my parents and the babies and Ben joined us later in the week. We stayed in a cabin at Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys for a week and then Ben, the babies, and I spent a few days at Tranquility Bay Beach Resort in Marathon. Of course, the babies are changing so fast and frequently that we learn a whole new set of tricks each time we travel.

BMB: Mourning My Work Identity

In case you missed it...I was over on Boston Moms Blog the other day talking about choosing to stay home with the twins next year instead of heading back to work. Check it out!

WWRM: More Touch and Feels

My quest for more touch and feel books has been going well! My mom got this book for the babies to read on our vacation last week: 

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