1st Birthday!

We officially have one year olds! It's hard to believe but they turned one on Monday.

bday12.jpgWe celebrated their birthday with a small, low key party at my parents' home. The theme I went with was bookish, of course! I chose The Hungry Caterpillar because it is one of the first books we read over and over.

Lucky for me, my mom loves to cook and my mother-in-law loves to sew and create things so they were a big help with food and fun details. Here are some of my favorite things from the party!

This is our Very Hungry Caterpillar. My mom made it out of lanterns.Lantern Hungry Caterpillar Our ONE year old banner, thanks to my MIL, along with some favorite hungry caterpillar pictures, toys, and books.bday8.jpgHere is a timeline of all the weekly pictures I've taken since the babies were born. I had an infamous, beaded timeline at our wedding but this one is just a colorful business card attached to each pic and clipped on twine.

bday1.jpgI asked guests to sign the babies' birthday books. I loved the idea but many people found it to be too high pressure so I wouldn't do it again, as sweet as it was! I also included some milestone and favorite things posters for each baby.bday2.jpgHungry Caterpillar fabric made a simple runner, courtesy of my mom. My MIL is planning to make pillows with it for our playroom!bday9.jpgAs I mentioned, my mom loves to cook so she made sure there was plenty of food: hot dogs with a condiments bar, turkey burger sliders, pulled pork, mac and cheese, pasta salad, fruit, two quinoa salads, potato salad, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things!

bday16.jpgI also included any of the foods I could from the book.


For dessert, we had cupcakes, pie, ice cream cones, lollipops, chocolate cake, cookies, and fruit.



And we did smash cakes for the birthday babies! Baby B took to it as expected (the kid LOVES food) but baby A was not so sure about it. 
bday10.jpgWe had such a fun day and it is always wonderful to see your kids showered with love from their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins! Happy birthday sweet babies!

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