10 Months Old!

The babies just turned 10 months old! I can't believe it! This is such a fun age. They are really funny and like to make us laugh, their personalities are really coming out, they're talking (gibberish but it's very expressive gibberish), understanding things we say, and moving a ton. It's just so much fun to watch them take everything in!


I just saw a post on one of my twin mama Facebook groups about schedules for 10 month olds. I think we have a pretty good schedule going right now so I thought I'd share what our day looks like:

6:30-7ish - wake up, nurse, diapers, play in their room then play in the living room (I try and sit back and drink my tea, do 10 minutes of yoga around the babies, and/or fold laundry and just let them be during this time)
8:30-9ish - make and eat breakfast, get dressed, read in their room (right now we're into The Very Lonely FireflyGoodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site, Sweet Dreams Pout Pout Fish, and this is usually when I read library books)
9:30-10ish - go down for a nap (1.5-2 hours. This is when I shower, clean up breakfast, do laundry, clean the house, or sit on my butt and look at social media and emails)
11:30-12ish - wake up, nurse, usually go somewhere if it's not raining
2ish - lunch
2:30-3 - nap (1-1.5 hours. this is when I usually blog or do projects)
4-4:30 - wake up, nurse, play in our play room and go for a walk if it's nice out
5:45 - make dinner (they play in the kitchen or with Ben)
6:15 - eat dinner, bath, pjs, nurse, books
7:30ish - bed

During the week, we usually have at least one stay-home day, one play date with our twin BFFs, one library day, one errand day, and one random day. On our random day, we might stay home, go to a museum or playground, meet Ben for lunch or visit his office, visit other friends or have someone visit us. 

10_MONTHS.jpgNow that the weather is beautiful and summery in Boston, we are getting out and about a lot. I'm on a quest to find playgrounds without wood chips to eat, we're starting to visit the amazing museums we're lucky to live near, we are visiting all the libraries we can, and are having lovely picnic playdates with our twin bffs. We live in a very walkable area so I can walk to a lot of stores (including Target!), restaurants, libraries and museums, and a bunch of parks. 

When we're home all day, doing play time in a few different rooms helps us break up the day because we have different toys and books in their room, play room, living room, and kitchen. 

I would love to do a music class or story time but I swear everything for their age starts at 9:30 or 10 when they're napping! I try to be flexible with our schedule but know our limits and it would probably be a disaster trying to go to a class when we should be going down for a nap. If we're driving or walking to get somewhere, I try to time coming or going with a nap. If we're home, I make lunch but if we're out and about, I usually bring pouches and let them nibble whatever I'm eating.

Most days, the babies are on the same schedule but every once in a while, they have drastically different wake up times (like 5:15 am and 7:30 today). In this case, we'll stick to a home day if we don't have plans and they'll probably have a staggered nap schedule. It doesn't happen often anymore so I'll enjoy the one on one time with each baby and be okay with getting nothing done.

So there you have it. Our 10 month old schedule. I'm sure, like with everything, the babies will soon be changing and so will our schedule. What are some of your favorite activities for 10 month olds? Or, looking ahead to the rest of the summer - fun activities for one year olds?




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